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As the face of Naturo, I am always looking for collaborations. I think one can never have too many contacts.

I offer a variety of services and thus have the ability to collaborate in various fields, from guided hikes, over conference activities to event planning.

I am fluent in German, English and Swedish and have great experience in working in multicultural work environments with all ages.


I worked as nature guide and enjoy sharing the great outdoors of Sweden with others. I enjoy the quiet days in a kayak as much as the fun and active days around the campfire cooking food or playing fun games.

If you have a bus full of tourists and need a guide to take care of them for a few hours or a week and make sure everything is going according to schedule, while making sure the guests’ needs are fully met, then I am your guide. I enjoy the interaction with guests and sharing local knowledge and hidden gems.

I am offering hikes and tours through cities and cultural sights, while sharing the local history with a group of travellers. And why not have some food where the locals eat.

Conference leader

I have been on the other side. In my former role as team leader, I have been the one seeking out conference venues, finding someone to have fun activities to shake things up and then delivering all the corporate work that usually happens on conference days.
Now, I am offering what I was looking for back in the day. I offer a variety of conference activities, suitable for all kinds of groups and venues. Give your team the kick-off or break they need. Getting out and taking in some fresh air while moving does wonders to the flow of ideas.

If you offer conferences and are looking for someone who takes care of your conference guests from arrival till dinner, and offering exciting activities that involve everyone, I am what you are looking for.


I have a broad background, and this is how broad my services are.
I have a master’s degree in sustainability and worked in a highly professional environment as project management expert and have experience as team leader. I am an expert when it comes to planning and have always thrived in an environment where I could build relationships and could apply my can-do attitude.

So if you need someone to coordinate and execute your event, get everything prepared in time and make sure the event goes smoothly, then I am your guy for the job. I truly enjoy this kind of work. Creating a wonderful experience for guests and being the spider behind the scenes that makes sure everyone knows what to do and when.


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Naturo has started collaborating with some known places in Halland, such as:

Åkulla Outdoor Resort AB

Äskhult By

Åle Discgolf

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