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Work with Naturo for your business

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You are a local business and want to add some more experiences for your customers? Then why not work together with Naturo? Add a wood carving session, fire-building competition, axe throwing or simply some tasty home made grilled snacks and coffee from the fire to your concept.

If you already have a venue and want Naturo to come to you, is absolutely possible, all we need is some space. All activities are mobile set-ups and can be transported to your venue.


If you are still looking for a location then Naturo has good contacts out in Åkulla Bokskogar.

Perhaps you want some help setting up a nature based activity? Then Naturo will come and help you. Tim has a background in nature based activities, but also tonnes of experiences and knowledge from his former office based carrier in event planning and project management. He is excellent in planning, coordinating and executing events.

Please get in touch with Tim and send an email to:

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