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Naturo is a company founded by Tim Sievers, that brings people in closer contact to nature. Naturo offers different activities for conference groups who will be taken outside and enabled to enjoy their surrounding environment, while becoming creative with wood carving or building a fire. Top that with the cosiness of a crackling fire, freshly brewed coffee and yummy fika bite, you have the Naturo experience.

Tim, who had the original idea to start Naturo, brings a background in sustainability, tourism and nature conservation, combined with experiences from guiding people in kayaks on multi day trips, leading some of UK’s biggest nature recovery projects, to studies in 3 different countries. Having worked in big offices himself, but also in the great outdoors enables him to understand the need, but also the possibilities to be outdoors and do something mindful with your own hands.

When Tim met the people from
Åkulla Outdoor Resort and proposed his idea to offer activities for conference groups to better get in touch with the breathtakingly beautiful environment they are in, this marked the beginning of Naturo and the start of many adventures to come.

Besides, who doesn't like to sit around a fire?

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