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Naturo was founded by Tim Sievers in 2023 to bring people closer to nature.

Tim is born and raised in the busy city centre of Berlin in Germany. He is well travelled and has dedicated 6 years to studying sustainability in different countries, which also defines all concepts of Naturo.
Tim used to work in a big office protecting England’s nature as project manager and team leader and later as adviser for other project managers. You could say project management comes natural to him. That was before he moved to Sweden and decided to spend more time in nature and less inside the office.

That was when the journey of nature guiding began and a whole new world of tourism presented itself.

Naturo is the beginning of combining the love for nature and sustainability together with Tim’s social being and his desire to build something that promotes activity in nature and local sites of Halland. If people enjoy where they are and discover the full potential of their surroundings, usually only od things happen.

Naturo is an accumulation of Tim’s full skill set, which is ever developing. That means conference activities, event coordination, sustainability concepts, but also guided nature activities such as hikes, campfire settings and tours along the coast.


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